Perseverance, patience and quality have been the hallmark of Indra’s photography since the beginning, with much of her early work failing to meet her personal high standards and ending up in the bin.  Deciding that this was giving her more frustration than pleasure, she set about improving her camera skills once freed from her post-graduates studies in the UK.   In 2001, after reading every photography magazine and book she could lay her hands on, she got her first SLR, a Canon EOS3 and a 100mm macro lens.  She learnt fast and one of her first shots of a small wild flower was published in a UK photography magazine, further fueling her appetite to learn more about photography and particularly macro photography. This was to be the first of many successful photographs.

By 2003, Indra decided to venture further and combine her love for travelling, photography and diving. Equipped with a compact and underwater housing, she dived into underwater photography.  Just as expected, even underwater her eyes were drawn to macro subjects.  By 2006, feeling she had reached her limit with a compact camera, she progressed to a DSLR and underwater housing.  Since then she has never dived without a camera in her hand.

Her pictures have developed further with the experience and knowledge that she has gained over the years.  Working with animals in their natural habitat has given her a great challenge and at the same time great satisfaction through the results she gets.  Her passion for her subjects gives her the ability to convey the emotion of these tiny creatures, setting her work apart from others.  Following several frustrations from missing great shots due to having the wrong set up, she rarely dives these days without both a macro and wide angle set up close to hand!

Success in many international photography competitions was capped in 2014 when she was announced underwater category winner of the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, sponsored by the Natural History Museum London and the BBC.  At the award dinner in London she got to meet the man responsible for her life long passion for animals, Sir David Attenborough.

Her passion and enthusiasm for finding and photographing new creatures and their behaviour remains undiminished and she continues to be driven by the many opportunities she has yet to experience around the worlds oceans.

Now based in Singapore, Indra has recently collabaratied with Canon Singapore to share her underwater experience through talks and a workshop, which will take place in Lembeh in September 2016, a place which Indra considers some of the best macro diving in the world.